Nickel PTFE (NiP 10-13%+PTFE 8-9%)

This is a very specific treatment. Its MAIN CHARACTERISTICS are:

  • Composition:

    – 10-13 % in phosphorus (High phosphorus nickel plating).

    – 8-9 % of weight in PTFE (20-25 % of volume).

  • Uniformity.
  • Rugosity: Varies insignificantly.

  • Appaerance: Grey matte.
  • Hardness:

    – Just plated: 300-350 Hv.

    – With hardness treatment: 400-450 Hv.

  • Anti-corrosion level: High.

    Neutral Salt Spray (ASTM B-117)(depending on the material and layer thickness) up to 200 hours.

Niquel Teflón

The result can be significantly improved by giving an intermediate layer of nickel with a high content of phosphorus (10-13%), which can thus withstand up to 1000 hours in a saline fog test (depending on material and layer thickness).

  • Maximum recommended layer thickness: 20 microns (upgradeable with an intermediate layer of electroless nickel with high phosphorus content (10-13%).
  • Wear resistance: Higher to any other treatment.
  • Not magnetic.

If you have any questions about the characteristics of Electroless Nickel see our downloads section for more information.


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Low phosphorus Ni
Medium phosphorus Ni
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