Quality and Environment

BERRITZEN has, since 2005, had a quality management system with the UNE ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

This focus on quality is based on the complete control of the different parameters and processes carried out; along with proper traceability for the different parts from their entrance to their output via a computer program specific to our sector, created and developed by us: Giltza.

BERRITZEN is conscious of the importance of the environment and of the execution processes that suppose the least possible impact on it, leading its management to develop an environmental management system based on the UNE ISO 14001:2015 standard which we were certified with in 2014.

After its move, the company has taken another step by starting the process and has obtained the Spanish Integrated Environmental Authorisation.

Berritzen comprometidos por la calidad

Berritzen calidad y medio ambiente

In order to control the processes we have a modern laboratory where the following tests are carried out on a daily basis:

  • Daily analytics of the different pre-treatment and treatment baths to assure proper concentrations, temperatures and pH.
  • Control of thicknesses, via X-Ray machines.
  • Adherence tests.
  • Rugosity tests.
  • Porosity tests.
  • The possibility of performing saline fog test.
  • The possibility of performing hardness tests.

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