Berritzen. Your electroless nickel plating specialist.


Berritzen is a metal plating company mainly dedicated to all varieties of electroless nickel plating, being able to facilitate both rack or barrel plating, to any metal substrate, and in sizes varying from very small to large sizes.

We are a family business established in 1997, founded on our previous experience in the galvanic sector. In these years the business has been able to grow and perform this industrial activity marked by its specialty´s idiosyncrasy:  Electroless nickel plating is not possible without very high quality standards, which must work together to assure the proper plating of different materials.

Electroless nickel plating is a bath that joins a high versatility of features to its functionality, suiting it to almost any industrial sector.

This way, together with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications, Berritzen has been approved throughout the years by the leading businesses in automotive, matrix and molds, food, petrochemical, etc.

Tabla periódica del Niquel Quimico


Birth of Berritzen in Lemona

New barrel installation

ISO 9001 Certification

Inclusion of nickel teflon

Renovation of our corporate identity

ISO 14000 Certification

Transfer to a new factory in Amorebieta.

New COMPLETELY AUTOMATED installation for electroless nickel plating and nickel teflon

Segregation and installation of a electroless nickel plating line exclusively for aluminum and barrels.

And now in 2017 we have again redesigned our corporate identity and celebrate 20 years working together.

Acabados superficiales Berritzen


In January 2016 Berritzen has completed the move to its new more than 2000m2 pavilion and offices, much more in line with the new needs and challenges facing the company.

Together with the move to a new work centre, we have carried out a  modernization process that has led us to digitalize theproductive processes, logistics and maintenance. Via a comprehensive computer program, GILTZA, we can control all critical parameters that affect the end-product’s quality.

These improvements have culminated in a new completely AUTOMATED facility for electroless nickel plating and nickel teflon, Spain´s first for third-party´s, that helps us take the next step in continuing to fulfill our customer service and demand for quality, which is increasingly higher and even more necessary.

At BERRITZEN we are always happy to help. Contact us if you have any questions.