Food/ Medical-Surgical

Within medical-surgical and food, electroless nickel plating without heavy metals are highly valued due to their penetration in complex shapes.

Due to this sector´s part´s difficulty in its geometry and machining, brass is the industry´s most commonly used material.

Not being able to have direct contact between the base material (brass) and the different passing gases and fluids, a protective coating is required.

Cd and Pb-free electroless nickel plating complies with this sector´s needs, among other reasons, since the part´s inner areas are fully coated, unlike with electro-plating processes where inner parts remain unprotected.

Sector alimentación médico-quirúrgico

Within these processes, and when a high anti-corrosion power is required, high-phosphorus nickel plating is an ideal match for these characteristics, together with its superior anti-corrosion capacity.

Large size parts
Matrix and molds