With its multiple physical properties, corrosion resistance, hardness, tensile strength, wear, etc. This is a coating that can be applied in many sectors.

In many cases it is feasible to replace the stainless steel with a electroless nickel plated steel, facilitating the machining of the parts and reducing in many occasions its final cost.

Examples of different sectors and their advantages:

Machine tool: Anticorrosive power for the protection of machines (boat trips or saline environments in general), tight tolerances, interiors of complex geometries completely coated, …

Wind: Wear on moving parts and high anti-corrosion power.

Weapons: Aesthetics, wear, anticorrosive power, …

Aeronautics: Resistance to wear, uniformity, resistance to corrosion, …

Electronics: Non-magnetic coating and easy weldability, …

Niquel quimico para diversos sectores

Food/Medical surgical
Large size parts
Matrix and molds